Cotton World

Grey Castles shares a 101 on why we use Cotton Lycra in our fabrics


With our collection in GreyCastles, we aim to bring to you garments in the finest of fabrics. Taking a look at all things comfort, we have incorporated cotton: the most versatile and skin-friendly fabric into our apparels. Cultivated for more than the past 5,000 years, cotton is the world’s oldest known fibre. Therefore, it holds its own importance in the history of countries such as India, the United States and Britain. 

In our first collection, we are introducing a fine blend of cotton and lycra. While pure cotton makes for a comfortable fabric, it lacks elasticity and wrinkles easy. This is where cotton lycra steps in, a material known for its superior stretchability and wrinkle resistance. The fabric is a preferred choice due to enhanced comfort, breathability, and durability. 


Wondering why cotton is the ever-popular option? Here are some facts you must know. 


  • Sustainable in nature: As cotton is naturally derived from plants, it is biodegradable and a renewable resource. The fabric also requires fewer watches between each wear and therefore you tend to save up on water and energy. 
  • Supports local communities: According to the World Wildlife Fund, the cotton industry provides a source of livelihood for more than 250 million people around the world, and is produced in more than 85 countries. 
  • Cotton allows the skin to breathe: Wondering why cotton is the most skin friendly option? Cotton is quick at absorbing moisture and can hold more moisture than any synthetic alternate. It therefore draws away moisture from the skin and evaporates through the fabric. This allows movement of air through the garment allowing you to feel breezy. This feature is a boon especially for the summers. Cotton allows the body heat to escape, therefore allowing the skin to breathe. Research has also indicated that cotton sheets and garments are perfect for a good night’s sleep. 
  • Hypoallergic: Cotton is naturally hypoallergic, which essentially means that it has low chances of causing an allergic reaction as it is gentle on the skin. The fabric does not cause irritation as organic cotton is pesticide free, pigment free, and bleach-free and does not use chemicals during the manufacturing process. Cotton is therefore the best choice for people with conditions such as asthma or allergies. 
  • Odour-free: During your day-to-day life, fabrics tend to absorb odours. This may result from engaging in physical activities, humidity levels or other reasons. No matter what the cause is, cotton is known to release odour-causing substances more easily as compared to other fabrics. 
  • Low Maintenance: Cotton is more durable compared to other fabrics, it not only withstands wear and tear but is also known to withstand high temperatures. Therefore, one tends to not waste time and money on dry-cleaning. As a result, the fabric can be used as performance-wear, active wear, and daily-wear.