About Us

Grey Castles is the new clothing label on the block that prioritises comfort-dressing like never before. The concept behind the brand is to take millennial-wear to the masses with two primary colours: black and white. While looking for inspiration, the creators turned to the primary colours black and white that best represent sophistication and elegance. It is impossible to go wrong with the two tried-and-tested colours.

Modern fashion no longer confines us to set boundaries, the social revolution has encouraged us and given us a platform to experiment with our personal styles. This has led to a shift in trend patterns, with the Gen-Z and Millennials opting for streetwear, lounge and athleisure. When it comes to these trends, nothing spells cozy as well as a pair of your favourite lounge-set. Greycastles brings you a wide collection that can help you switch between the desk and sofa, as you navigate the last two months of the year 2022. Watch this space for the latest innovations when it comes to comfort dressing. 

Our primary colours black and white stand for all things chic and classic. These colours can elevate your look, no matter the occasion you are dressing for. These colours are not only flattering but also a fail-safe hue, and can be paired well with any colour from your Pinterest-feed. With a dedication to minimalism, our brand has carefully curated a range that adds an element of exuberance to your daily look.

The philosophy of our brand centres around presenting a collection that is sustainable and designed-to last, and therefore we use high-grade fabric in all our garments. The next step in sustainability comes with opting for environment-friendly alternative, in order to keep our carbon-emissions as low as possible. With our Made in India initiative, we ensure that our work promotes local artisans and all our processes take place in India. 

When the pandemic hit us back in 2020, the fashion landscape saw an unprecedented change – one that no one could have predicted. We packed our denim jeans and our body-fit outfits in a corner of the wardrobe and replaced it with comfort-wear. And once we opted for the relaxed fit, there was no looking back. Fast forward to 2022, and the demand for millennial dressing continues to soar. Thinking fashion that takes you from day to night? What better than matching co-ords or a dress paired with a trench coat that make for the perfect airport look.

If luxury is your calling, pair your lounge-set with a shoulder-bag and sneakers for much needed retail therapy. Those days are past us when we could pack for a vacation without a minimum of two lounge-sets. One would not think that relaxed-fits would make its way to offices and business parks, but trendsetters have managed to pull it off in a formal environment as well. Greycastles amalgamates comfort with new-age dressing to come up with bodysuits, crop-tops and more to take you to the nines. 

As a community, we are gravitating towards all things comfort with a fresh perspective of what daily-wear could look like. Ever since the pandemic, lounge-wears have become socially acceptable outside the living room. With Greycastles’ collection, the founders are all set to steer their clientele to a versatile, durable, and cozy direction. As we drop our very first collection, we hope that you find our garments au-courant, durable, and most importantly: comforting.